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Mother's Day

Hi Friends,

Mother's Day fast approacheth, and you might guess that this is going to be a bit of a challenging weekend for me. Not only with Mother's Day, but there are multiple other activities not related to that (birthdays, concerts, and such) that are making it busy too.

I'm nervous. My family has never really made a big deal of Mother's Day, but it's around. Facebook posts, special flowers in church, roses at the grocery store... And this is the first year I consider myself a mother, and it's in such a hard way.

Last year, I was pregnant on Mother's Day. At the time, I did not consider myself a mother (now, in hindsight, I do believe that I was already a mom. But at the time, since I didn't have a "babe in arms", I didn't think of myself as one). I spent the day with my family, and since my husband was working, I went to church with my family. They were going to a neighboring town, where my littlest sister was playing violin with the…

The Adventures of Pookie - Welcome!

Hi Friends!

I believe I've mentioned our bear before, but I wanted to give you the whole story.

Last fall, I found out about a program called Molly Bears ( This organization makes teddy bears that are the exact same weight as the baby you lost (there are some other organizations that make weighted bears as well, but this one was the first one I encountered). They have a long wait list, so they only add a certain number each month, and then there is a 6-8 MONTH wait. All the bears are made by volunteers. They do have certain options for bumping yourself higher on the list, and I happened to win one. When you place your order, you tell them a few things about your baby. We mentioned that he bounced like a Tigger and is now our little tiger, and we included his full name (Charles Peacock, if you'll recall).

On December 23rd, 2016, I got a very heavy priority mail box! I knew right away what was in it.
Here is our little guy, brand new:

Even though …

Infant Loss Resources

Hi Friends,

I realized the link to the resource spreadsheet was long and cumbersome. So I created a short-link that still gets you there! Please share freely with anyone who needs it.

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

What Do I Say?


Dear Friends,

You are in a conversation, and somehow it comes up that the person you are talking to has just recently had a close family member die. Ooof, that's terrible. Furthermore, let's say that it was their child. What do you say now?

Well, I don't know all situations, but as you know, I recently had my son die at nearly 41 weeks of pregnancy, and then was induced to give birth to him (a normal pregnancy lasts between 38 and 42 weeks). So he is considered stillborn. When I mention this to people, things often get awkward. And that's ok. It is a stupidly awkward thing for my son to have died. And it sucks. Some people say they don't know what to say. And that's ok, too. However, if you say that, please make sure that whatever comes out of your mouth next is something you have thought about and is kind.

Since I have experienced a variety of responses, some more awkward than others, and some…