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Blue Apron

Guess what?? I finally finished the apron I've been meaning to make for ages!

Garment Data:
- Type: 1860s-style apron
- Date made: spring 2014
- Pattern: Elizabeth Stewart Clark's apron pattern
- Fabric/Materials: blue plaid 100% cotton "homespun" from JoAnn's - so, nothing fancy, and it has a "dishrag" soft texture
- Trim: none
- Time to finish: a few days of on-and-off work

This apron has only 1 machine-sewn seam. I did the rest by hand. This allowed me to do it as a portable project.
I also left the sides unhemmed, since they are the selvages.

The bottom hem. This is the only machine-seam I did - when I thought I'd have enough time to just sit down and whip the thing together! Turns out I had better luck (and, most assuredly, a better result) by doing it as handwork on the go.

A close-up of the machine hem. Hard to see, because I was being my usual self with plaids/stripes and was matching them! Actually, the machine-sewn hem is the least-accura…