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Mathematical Crocheting

Hello again!
It's been a while, but I finally have gathered together a few more pictures. So over the next few days, you can expect to see some more examples of things I've made.

Here is a coat/dress that I made last year. The dress shape is the the same pattern as you have seen in the post of my cotehardie. I simply made this one out of a fawn colored wool and left the front open to the floor:

Garment Data:
- Type: Dress
- Date made: ?
- Pattern: Cotehardie (my own design, based on basic body block)
- Fabric: Fawn-colored wool blend
- Trim: Acrylic fall-colors variegated yarn, acrylic brown yarn, salvaged wedding dress buttons EDIT: New buttons! Now they are brown wooden beads
- Time to finish: ?
- Notes: The collar and cuffs are approximated hyperbolic planes

And here it is from the back:

Before I show you the detail shots, let me explain the mathematical concept behind the collar.
It is a hyperbolic plane, which means that it is somewhat like a rectangle that got rea…