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Late summer/fall reenactments

Dear Readers,  There have been a few more reenactments this summer I'd like to catch up on! However, I didn't get a lot of photos at each one, so I'm posting about several reenactments at once, this time.
Zoar There was a reenactment at Zoar village in September this year. This reenactment happens every other year, although in the future it may not: From what I've heard, the levy will no longer be maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers, so the historical village may be/get flooded in the future.
I did take pictures, but not with my own camera, so I don't have any pictures to share. However, a picture of me did appear online, in the red memorial day dress you might remember from a few posts back!
LINK: Times Reporter (New Philadelphia paper) - Picture of me!

Fremont Fremont is the town in which President Rutherford B. Hayes lived. He was born in 1822 and lived into the 1890s. He was president in 1877. His home and grounds are called Spiegel Grove, and still have…

County Fair

Dear Readers,

This year, for the first time, I entered some items in the fair!


I didn't win.

That's ok, though! Most of the pieces I submitted, I could tell you exactly what's wrong with it. The frustration is that the judging criteria are not publicized, so there is no way of knowing for sure why your piece placed or didn't.

I only was disappointed about one of my pieces - as I said, the rest were more of a lark.

For your perusal, the pieces in situ:

Hale Farm - Hale yeah! - August 9th-11th

Hello dear readers!

In August, I attended a fabulous reenactment. In fact, it is up there as a contender for the best of the season! It was the annual Hale Farm reenactment. I'm taking fewer and fewer pictures per reenactment, since camera looks a little out of place around my neck... but I'll try to still have a few pictures of each event for documentation purposes!