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Winter Hats, Part III: Mathematical Shapes (Mobius and Klein bottle)

Part III of winter hats is here! And this time it's math-based. Remember Part I? It featured a blue hat? Well, I had yarn left over, in prodigious amounts. So I decided to make something for myself. I had seen a Mobius scarf, which I had really liked the idea of. As you'll see, mine didn't turn out quite the way I'd pictured, but it works! I also made a knitted math hat. Peruse the pictures below!

Garment Data:
- Type: Hat, scarf
- Date made: Probably summer of 2008?
- Pattern: None. I looked at other hats/scarves in the math shapes I wanted, but then just went from there on my own.
- Fabric/Materials: Acrylic yarn (or maybe an acrylic/wool blend?)
- Trim: none
- Time to finish: I know it took a while! A few weeks, maybe?

The scarf is actually a Mobius strip! In fact, instead of knitting a strip, putting a twist in, and having a seam, I actually took several tries to put the twist into my first row, so that as I knit, I actually went twice around and added to "bot…

Winter Hats, part II --- Jayne's Hat

Ladies and Gents,
As promised, part II of the Wooly-Hats Spectacular Spectacular!
I'm trying the pictures in a larger size, let's see how this looks!
In this case, I made a Jayne-inspired hat, copying a hat that the character Jayne Cobb got from his mom on the TV sci-fi/western Firefly.
The cool thing about his hat is that it was flame- (firefly-?) colored, and ended in a fun pom-pom on top!
I printed out pictures of the original hat
for inspiration, and also found (and disregarded) other people's versions of Jayne-inspired hats. I wanted to figure it out for myself!
The gentleman who requested the hat is my friend Dylan, who has an Etsy shop, for bowties! As he put it, "the gist of it is that I recycle silk and wool neck ties into fancy bow ties." Check it out HERE!

Garment Data:
- Type: Winter hat, lined with fleece
- Date made: 2008? or so
- Pattern: none - self drafted
- Fabric/Materials: Acrylic yarn, or acrylic/wool blend, I don't remember
- Trim: one p…