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Patch Banner

Dear Friends,

I was recently inspired by something my mother-in-law made for my husband as a child. Everywhere they traveled, they got patches or pins as a souvenir, and in order to create a way to store and display them, she made him a banner. I have copied her pattern for my own patches, pins, and mementos.

Garment Data:
- Type: Patch display banner
- Date made: September 2016
- Pattern: Anne's design
- Fabric/Materials: 3/4 yard felt, cut to a 23" width, dowel, ball-shaped dowel ends
- Trim: Ribbon, braided cord made out of embroidery floss
- Time to finish: 1 hour?

As I hinted on Facebook, I am also working on adapting a t-shirt. I hope to make that the next post but didn't finish it this week.

Thanks to Anne for her inspiration and  design for this banner!

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

Dark Hatbox

Hello lads and lasses!

The other night I decorated a hatbox, which I intend to use to store a mourning bonnet. Which I have not yet made, but that will come...
At any rate, I needed a second hatbox and decided to use a darker color scheme to match what I know I will be storing in it.

GarmentProject Data:
- Type: Hatbox, purchased at a craft store. It is cardboard.
- Date made: September 2016
- Pattern: none. I just decorated a purchased box
- Fabric/Materials: Paper napkins, tissue paper, ModPodge
- Trim: ribbon (satin and sheer)
- Time to finish: several hours (most of a day?), including drying time.

Most sincerely yours,
~ Sarah

1860s Maternity Dress

Hello Friends,

Recently I decided to try to make a maternity-style dress, with the challenges of being able to accommodate different sizes and shapes that a body does during pregnancy. Since different people also carry differently (like high vs. low), the dress does end up being somewhat personalized (such as shoulder-to-waist length), but is much more flexible in sizing than the typical Civil War era dress, especially in the waist. This dress presented some interesting challenges. In the captions I will note some of the issues I encountered with the final product and possible solutions I could implement.

Garment Data:
- Type: Maternity dress, 1860s-style. Long sleeved, day wear.
- Date made: February 2016
- Pattern: self-drafted, based loosely on the pattern my friend Karen drafted for me, and on resources I read on about how maternity dresses were made.
- Fabric/Materials: A heavy fabric I found at goodwill. Possibly meant for drapery and upholstery, this is act…