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Ohio Regimental Military Ball - 2014

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

This weekend I enjoyed a most charming dance in Canton, Ohio! This was my second time attending, and once again had a fabulous time.
The ball is held once a year in Canton, at the McKinley Grand hotel, usually some time right around Valentine's Day.
I went to the LINK: National First Ladies' Library, Museum, and Saxton McKinley House, which is right across from the hotel. Luckily, tours are available (if you call ahead) Tuesday through Saturday. I was lucky and had the 9:30 tour all to myself, which means I got to ask a lot of questions!

Of course, while the museum was great, it was not the primary reason I had driven to Canton! I was there for a ball!
In the afternoon, though, as things were getting going, I helped out with the registration tables. To do that, I wore a day dress. A friend did my hair for me - a first, since I'm pretty picky about how it feels on my head! She did a fabulous job (thanks, Melissa!).

 After my hair had been arranged…