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Hi Esteemed Friends!

As you may have noticed, I promised the other half of the t-shirt project, and I'm still not done with it... That's because I have a minor hand tendonitis flaring up that I don't want to aggravate, so I used the chance to have my sewing machines serviced. So, several projects have been put on a temporary pause.

However, I discovered that I can still hold an embroidery hoop with the affected hand! So here's the current project.

GarmentProject Data:
- Type: Ribbon Embroidered Bookmark
- Date made: October 2016
- Pattern: By Angela Dower, from "A-Z of Ribbon Embroidery" from Search Press Classics.
- Fabric/Materials: Lace-edged bookmark in 18-count Aida (bought with the edging attached). 1/4" polyester ribbon. Cotton Embroidery floss.
- Trim: See above
- Time to finish: One afternoon

This book was on the "new book" shelf at the library, and when I was looking through it, this pattern jumped out at me. I have a friend for whom F…

Half-Mourning Shirt


Yep, I'm mixing eras! Oops! I found a t-shirt with meaning to me at Goodwill, and it happened to be in lavender and thus be perfect for half mourning. Hurrah! But wait, it doesn't fit...

However, upon consideration, I realized it would be perfect if I expanded it by adding panels to the side seams. I then found some silk in my stash that matched the color palette!

In the mourning traditions of the 19th century, people wore all black right after a loss, then transitioned to black with some white accents, and then to lavender and gray in the 3rd stage. Each type of loss had its own timeline, also based on how you were related to the deceased, but the color progression seems to have been culturally used in the Western world for much of the century.

Nowadays, the American culture does not have many symbols of mourning. People wear black to a funeral, but there is not much beyond that. So it can be very nice to adopt a little bit of it, even if not many people will know or …